Dead Men Tell No Tales, But These Pirates Tell All!

I wanted to thank you for such a great time today. The time with friends was the best, but the game really brought us together!

This was fabulous– I went with my COVID pod and it was great to be out and about having fun. The clues were cool and so were the different challenges. I especially liked the mutiny picture.

This was amazing fun! My friend asked if I wanted to put on a pirate costume and run around Mpls for an afternoon and I didn’t need to know anything further! The app was easy to use, the clues fun to solve, and pirate pugs are the best thing ever. Highly recommend 🙂

Had a fabulous time and the hunt was well thought out. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great time of fun and laughs. Enjoyed that I could be a tourist in my own city.

It was a great game and fun for all ages! Highly recommended and we could social distance
can not wait for next year!

We did this as a socially distanced birthday party alternative, and man did it end up being a fun afternoon! The app was pretty user friendly, and they really encouraged that you go all in with the pirate theming and costumes. Definitely wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking a decent amount. We ended up walking about 4.5 miles. Yarrr, good times had by all!

My family had so much fun not only doing the scavenger hunt around town, but also getting dressed up, brushing up our pirate vocabulary, and making up ridiculous sea shanties to prepare for our Pirate Treasure Hunt! Distancing was easy to maintain and the creativity on the app made the game fun and authentic. It was nice to be able to support our local eateries for grub and refreshments along the way, too…especially when we earned extra points in the game! Such a fun way to spend a few hours!

A blast! Social distancing is important to me… but so is fun! A great day with friends, outdoors on a lovely day. Interesting and brain-bending challenges that we all got to participate in. Highly recommend for something new and different!

This was a very fun event! You get to dress up in costume and run around the city solving puzzles. Where can you go wrong? Also, it was organized and professional. I definitely recommend it!

This was an amazingly fun way to spend a beautiful Saturday! The clues were fun! The app and its support are efficient and fun! (Are you sensing a common word here?) Because of this, my close friends spent the whole day speaking Pirate, which mainly consisted of “arrrrrr”, but only when it fit into the sentence, like “I’m at Aaaarrrrbucks with a mocha.”
It was a great (and fun) reason to go all out and dress up as a Pirate! Cars driving by would shout “aaarrrrgh” at us with big smiles!!! Of course, we had to shout “Aaargh!” back because we were a Pirate for only a few hours.
Get a group of friends and just let loose! If one of you has a fitness app, you may find out that you wandered at 5K and not even realize it!
Summary: DO THIS!! It is fun and a great way to see your city in a way you may not have seen before.
I had a blast!! And lots of fun! I hope they come back next year!!