Scurvy Dog

Cap’n Graybeard

Help Me Find Me Treasure Map!

Me Hearties, Captain Graybeard here. I had been sailing to your town to claim me buried treasure. Me nemesis, Scurvy Dog attacked me ship and ripped me map to pieces! They’ve scattered about here in Downtown. Me hearties, I needs ye help! You needs to find all of the pieces of the map before Scurvy Dog’s pirates can get them.

You’ll likely encounter many of me mates who will help you in your search. You’ll also deal with Scurvy Dog’s pirates and they should never be trusted. I’m awardin ye team points and only the best of ye get a share of the loot. Take risks along the way, cuz if yer wrong thars hints to help. But be aware they will cost ye points.

Be sure ye send pictures and videos of your adventure so I know yer staying loyal to me. I’ll allow ye extra points for chekin in and keepin me entertained.

Keep ye deadlights open, don’t be fooled by Scurvy Dogs and bring ye wits. You’ll need to prove you’re worthy to gain me mate’s help.

You’ll visit 24 different locations during yer hunt. They’ll all be within walking distance and the map within our app will notify you when you get close. If you complete all of the tasks, you’ll be provided additional hints to help you find the location of the treasure.

Now move along, ya Scallywags and find me treasure!