Nice to meet you!

Who are we? Just a group of fun-loving, game-playing creative types that love to explore new cities and challenges, all while meeting new people. We hail from St Petersburg, FL, and spend most of our time outdoors.

We’ve created and run scavenger hunts for over a decade. First, we applied our creativity to corporate team building. Those programs have been getting rave reviews. Now, we apply that experience to our all-new city-wide mystery game events.

Our events are perfect for families, friends, and workmates to spend a few hours together having fun and solving challenges. Finding a treasure or discovering the mystery is only part of the experience. You’ll bond as you dress in the appropriate costumes, make unique videos, and pose for classic photos. Our events will test your mental prowess and provide Instagramable moments.

Grab a few folks, sign up for the event nearest you, and get ready to be your best Scavengee!

Get In Touch

We love getting cards and letters. If you’d like, drop us some snail mail at:


(SGT Enterprises)

PO Box 1088

St Petersburg, FL, 33731-1088