City-Wide Scavenger Hunt Events

Giant Outdoor Escape Adventures

Self-starting and self-guided scavenger hunts using our proprietary app will immerse you in our pirate-themed adventure.

This family-friendly event is like having a giant game board spread out across downtown. Using the map feature, you’ll navigate to various outdoor plazas, parks, and other unique locations. Solving puzzles, taking photos and videos will earn you points and clues to help you find the missing treasure.

Get out, have fun, and bond with your friends, workmates, and family in a socially safe way.

Giving Back to Each Community

We believe in supporting the local communities that support us. A portion of each ticket sold is donated to a local charitable group.

At Scavengee, our passion is to end hunger, especially for children. As such, we partner with local food banks and pantries. The monetary donation allows these groups to purchase much-needed food that is distributed to YOUR local area.

As part of your experience in our events, you’ll also have the opportunity to help (optional).

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Team Building

Our unique scavenger hunts are also perfect for corporate team building events. This 2-3 hour-long program can be run in your city for groups of 20, or more. Contact us about our custom team-building events and check out our sister company, Team Builders for dozens of other team building options